Hide and Seek was one of the Minigames of Minecraft Central. The goal was to find a good spot where to hide and not get killed by the seekers. Hide and Seek was removed on the 19th March 2015 and replaced by TeamSkywars.

General infoEdit

The players got to choose a block they will be disguised as in the beginning of the game. One of the players would be a seeker, who tried to find the hiders and kill them. Once a hider had been killed, they became a seeker themselves. The game ended when there were no hiders left or the time ran out. If the time ran out, the hiders won. Hiders could kill the seekers by hitting them with their fist, block or wooden sword. Hiders got a Knockback I wooden sword at 230 seconds. The blocks they were hiding as would also get Knockback I when the player was still for over 5 seconds.

There were 10 arenas and 4 maps.

HideNSeek MerchantEdit

See Merchants for more info.


There were 4 maps. These were Hotel, Animal Farm, Escape Alcatraz and Luxurious House. Each of them had different blocks to be disguised as and had different hiding places.