KitPvP is one of the gamemodes of Minecraft Central. It was added on the 25th of February 2014. The goal of KitPvP is to gain money from kills and with that money upgrade your weaponry and armor to get even better at PvP. There have been 5 resets to the KitPvP servers. There used to be a total of 4 KitPvP servers, 3 of which were added 1st March 2015. Nowadays there is one main lobby and one rotating map.

General InfoEdit

Players kill other players to gain money, and using that money they can buy new armor and weaponry. There are kits for each Donator rank and in addition, there are four kits for everyone to use. These are the Kit Rookie, Kit Potions, Kit Hourly and Kit Weekly. There's a main spawn, Storage Vaults and enchanting stations on KitPvP. There are a total of 5 maps.

The item selector of KitPvP is an Iron helmet. It used to be an Iron sword. The NPC in the Lobbies is a fighter with a Diamond sword in his hand.


The KitPvP servers were reset on the 14th of December 2015. This added 3 brand new maps and reset all the statistics and inventories of the players.

Another reset happened on the 2nd of December 2016. This reduced the number of KitPvP servers to 1 that consists of the main spawn and 3 maps. One of these maps was new, and both of the old maps were edited a bit. The shop was now located in the main spawn. In addition to this, an auction house was added. Kits were edited and repair signs were added to the shop.

The third reset happened on the 4th of October 2017. A new spawn and trading rooms were added and the amount of maps was reduced to one. The map rotates from one map to another after each restart. A new scoreboard layout was introduced, telling the player their kill/death ratio. Loot protection was also added. In addition there were some bug fixes.

On 9th October 2017 KOTH battles were added to KitPvP. The potion durations of Strength, Fire Resistance and Speed were changed to 8:00 instead of 3:00.

On the 22nd of June 2018 KitPvP 5.0 was released. A new map and a previous map, Mystic Shadows, were added. KitPvP levels were introduced, along with improved statistics, Storage Vaults, Wager Duels, trading system and a shop GUI. Some kits and KOTH rewards were changed.

On the 4th of February 2019 KitPvP 6.0 was released. A new spawn was added, and the spawn was no longer divided into 3 copies. KitPvP now only had 1 global spawn. The map "Fantasy Village" was reintroduced and a system for map voting was added. Kit Daily was changed to Kit Hourly, coinflips were added and some new clans commands, such as "/clan tag" were added. A new event, Mob Madness was introduced. Some bugs were also fixed with the reset.

Mob Madness EventEdit

Mob Madness Event Mobs

The Tiers of Mob Madness Event

Mob Madness was added on the 4th of February 2019. During the event several zombies spawn around the map. Players gets points for killing them and the player with the most points wins a Event Treasure Key. The other players in top 5 get money rewards. There are 3 tiers of Zombies that give 1, 2 or 3 points once killed. The event lasts for 15 minutes and if a player gets killed during the event, they lose 50% of the points they had.


Each KitPvP server used to have its own map. Nowadays there is 1 server with 1 map that rotates.

KitPvP 1.0 MapsEdit

All KitPvPs:
- Original Map by Administrators

KitPvP 2.0 MapsEdit

KitPvP 1:
- Refined Era by Savage_Hotdog, xPerplexinq, Lukas12137, Anyth, Highscores, Admonish and Zynntastic.

KitPvP 2:
- Desert Canyon by Barnaynay and Zestia.

KitPvP 3:
- Mystic Shadows by beastyboy1029, xCorymbus, Anyth and TheWaffleUnicorn.

KitPvP 4:
- Original Map by Administrators

KitPvP 3.0 MapsEdit

1: Lake Phantom (Dryrock Lakebed at the time of the reset)
2: Fantasy Village (Original Map)
3: Desert Canyon

KitPvP 4.0 MapsEdit

1: Fantasy Village (Original Map)
2: Desert Canyon
3. Dryrock Lakebed

KitPvP 5.0 MapsEdit

1: Mystic Shadows
2: Dryrock Lakebed
3: MCC Village
4: Desert Canyon

KitPvP 6.0 MapsEdit

1: Mystic Shadows
2: Dryrock Lakebed
3: MCCentral Village
4: Desert Canyon
5. Fantasy Village
6. Refined Era (Added on the 10th of February 2019)

KitPvP LevelsEdit

The KitPvP levels go up to 250. To level up to level 2, you need to get 10 kills. It takes 11 kills to become level 3, 12 to become level 4 and so on. So to get to level 250, you need to have 31180 kills.

Donator AdvantagesEdit

Search for a rank to see the perks Donators get on KitPvP.

Voting RewardsEdit

These rewards listed here are given when the user votes on all 4 sites. In addition, they get 4 Voting Keys.

  • $100 In-Game
  • 400 EXP (20 Levels)
  • 4 Super Golden Apples

Treasure ChestsEdit

See Treasure Chests for the information.