The Mentor Team (previously Helper Mentor Team) is one of the staff sub-teams. Only Senior Moderators and higher can join this team. This team was added in 18th October 2015. This sub-team requires an invitation.


The Mentor Team guides Helpers and Moderators through their whole time as staff. At first this team was only guiding Helpers but later in 29th August 2016 Moderators got Mentors too. Special quizzes and tests are held to see how well the staff member knows the server and staff rules.

As a part of the Helper Mentoring, the Helpers are evaluated after their 5th Helper Review and the Mentor Team decides wether this staff member will be promoted to Moderator or not.

Current Members of the Mentor TeamEdit

Mentor Team Leader:

Normal Members:

Promotion and Demotion/Resignation DatesEdit

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Previous Mentor Team LeadersEdit