Template:Infobox Skywars Pinnacle (also known as The Glade) was one of the Skywars maps on Minecraft Central. The date of its release is unknown. The creator is Gac951. There have been two versions of this map, see Fun facts for more information. It was removed as part of the August Map Update in 22nd August 2017.


Pinnacle had a centre that has an enchantment table surrounded by bookshelves. The centre also had some chests and an underground section. Each player got their own island that had a mushroom tree, crafting table, a furnace and a small cave.

Fun factsEdit

There was an other map which had the same Pinnacle. It didn't have a centre and all players had their own islands. Every island had an enchantment table, a furnace, a crafting table, trees and a cave. It was removed because when players broke ice, the water flowed causing lag. The original Pinnacle map was created by TOBYWARREN2000.

Old Pinnacle