The Review Team is one of the staff sub-teams. Only Senior Moderators and higher can join this team. The team was officially released on the 22nd of February 2016 but had been active before that. Staff can apply to the team. The Review Team used to be invite-only, but an application was added on the 29th of July 2018.


The Review Team does and marks down the reviews of Helpers and Moderators. They also used to do Reports Team Reviews before they were removed. Review scores are marked down to see the development of staff members' skills.

These reviews have 10 rounds in total. They are different for Helpers and Moderators. In Moderator reviews there are two sections, 5 rounds each. The first 5 rounds have the staff member PvP with a Review Team member and they need to tell wether the Review Team member is hacking or not and tell the hack that was used. The next 5 rounds they spectate two Review Team members PvPing each other and they need to say if the same Review Team member is hacking or not and tell the hack. Helper reviews don't have the naming of hacks included in the answer. This change to Moderator reviews was made in 16th October 2016.

Reports Team Review was a bit different. There were 5 rounds only and during them the staff member spectated from above and needed to say which Review Team member was hacking, if neither or if both. Reports Team Reviews were added back on the 28th of December 2017.

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