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Skyblock is one of the gamemodes of Minecraft Central. It was added on the 2nd of February 2014. On Skyblock players try to build a nice looking island and get along with the limited resources. There have been 12 resets to the Skyblock servers. A second Skyblock server was opened on the 10th of April 2015 and a third one was opened on the 6th of July 2016. The three servers were reduced to two realms on the 21st of April 2018 and to one realm on the 13th of November 2021 when Skyblock 13.0 was released.

General Info[]

The goal of Skyblock is to build a nice island with farms and grinders. Players receive a small island in the beginning and try to cope with the limited resources, making farms and gathering money to buy new resources. There is a PvP arena and a Tutorial Room. Players can access these through the portals in spawn or by using the command /Warp.

The item in the Server Selector GUI is a Grass block. The NPC in Lobbies is a bearded man who holds a grass block. No data was linked between the two/three Skyblock servers, except the perks.


The Skyblock server was reset on the 5th of April 2015. The reset added a new spawn, the PvP Arena, a new design to Mob Farms and multiple new features.

The second reset happened on the 1st of July 2016. Features that got added were an auction plugin, new rank perks, spawners to islands, new default island design, new spawn and new kits. Some removed features included mob farms and the trading rooms.

The third reset happened on the 28th of March 2017. A new spawn, PvP arena, and a new market were added. A public stone generator was also introduced.

On the 27th of October 2017 the Skyblock servers were reset for the 4th time. A new spawn, PvP arena and market were added. New features included seeing top islands in spawn, island showcase bidding, /Block command from Perk Treasure and banknotes. Harvest Hoes were added to Skyblock on the 14th of January 2018.

Skyblock was reset for the 5th time on the 21st of April 2018. The amount of realms was reduced to two and a new spawn was added, along with Wilderness where PvP was enabled. Multiple changes to the plugins were made to make the gamemode more competitive. New features included Sell Wands, Explosive Picks, Iron Golem Spawners, GUI shop, island upgrades, chunk loaders, coinflip, /is blockvalues, /is bank and Envoys. The island max size was also increased to 300x300 this season, obtainable via /is upgrades. Later, on the 15th of June 2018 Wager Duels were introduced to Skyblock. Players could duel each other and gamble for items. They would send a request to a player, and if they accepted it, both players could offer some items that they wanted to gamble with. The player who won the duel got the items.

On the 20th of October 2018 the Skyblock servers were reset for the 6th time. A new spawn and PvP arena got added, along with a slightly changed island design. The shop system was revamped and the prices were changed. Bounties, new island upgrades, new Boss Event and new coinflip were added. A /kit menu was added, along with new /stats command, /clearlag command and /is top. Some Treasure Chest rewards were changed, and SellWands added.

The seventh reset happened on the 18th of May 2019. As always, a new spawn and PvP arena were added. The Wilderness area around the spawn, Rename Scrolls and Chunk Loaders removed, Holographic Skulls added, Snow Golem and Guardian spawners added and Villager and Spider spawners removed. Many "quality of life" changes were made, such as a confirmation GUI to coinflips, ChestShops, kit changes, enderpearl cooldown changes and some bugs were fixed. In addition, Custom Enchantments, tokens obtainable from farming, a new starter island and CoreProtect were added. There were also some changes to the Envoy event and the Cobble Generators. The economy was changed drastically. Furthermore, the maximum amount of players was increased to 350 from 300 on the 1st of June 2019.

On the 23rd of November 2019 Skyblock 9.0 was released. This reset introduced a complete revamp of the economy and a new currency for island upgrades, called Island Upgrade Points. The price of Custom Enchantments was changed from 60 to 45, coinflips were changed to have a 5% share taken by the "house" and tokens were added to mobs when you manually kill them. Island descriptions and a Generator Room for blocks were added, spawners were made to be breakable by only the user who placed them (and island leaders), a /headshop was added (each head cost 25 tokens), new island upgrade "Token Buff" was added, Envoy rewards were redone and multiple quality-of-life changes were made. In addition, Chunk Loaders, Rename Scrolls, Fortune 4 and 5 and Looting 4 books were added to Treasure Chests. Multiple bugs were also fixed.

Skyblock received its biggest update when Skyblock 10.0 was released on the 27th of June 2020. As usual, a new spawn was added. In addition the PvP Arena and Tutorial room were remade. The biggest change this season was the addition of a custom Skyblock plugin which brought many new commands, such as /island chest, /island name and description and /island banner. An island permissions system with roles was added and 2 new island upgrades were added, while the spawner limit upgrade was removed. Treasure Chests got a few changes, such as a new item called Compost Bin, Upgradeable Harvest Hoes and the ability to combine SellWands. The Envoy event rewards were redone and the Boss Event was changed to a new format. The Boss Event Treasures were renamed to Event Treasures. New smaller additions included Kit PvP, Silverfish spawners and optimised redstone mechanics. In addition to all this, a lot of quality of life changes were made and bugs were fixed. On the 2nd of July 2020 Boosters were added back to Skyblock.

The 11th season, Skyblock 11.0, was released on the 22nd of December 2020. It contained major updates and various bug fixes. A new spawn and PvP arena were added. General changes included the addition of a 2 account-limit on Skyblock and updating the plugins to a newer version. Feature-wise several new features were added. Most notably Island Settings and Island Collectables were added. Players would now be able to set the time, weather and more biomes of the island through settings, and they had the chance to buy collectables, such as music and tags on the island. In addition, Island Augit Logs and many statistics were added. This allowed players to see how many times a warp has been used, how many crops have been broken and so on. Various new commands were also introduced, such as /island bedrock, /events, /island download and /questtop. Other new features included Mob Statues, a new custom enchantment called "Magnetism" and Treasure Chest changes. These changes included the removal of Rename Scrolls from Ancient and Mythical Treasures, a new Island Teleporter reward, changes to Harvest Hoes and changes in the rarities.

On the 4th of July 2021 Skyblock 12.0 was released. As usual, a new spawn was added. The revamp introduced a major update with the Nether island. This Nether island is home for various new features such as Power Generator, Mining Generators, Emerald Vault, Nether Robots and Lava Fishing. More information on these can be found below. Another major feature was the Skills system and the abilities which come with it. There were 4 skills (Farming, Fishing, Mining and Slayer) and players can get abilities by upgrading these skills. Voting Villager was also added to Skyblock and new Basic Hoes which can't be upgraded. They are Iron Hoes with Fortune II. Other new features were the addition of buying the player's own head from headshop and the price reduction of Mob Statues from 250k to 100k. In addition, many bugs were fixed.

Skyblock 13.0 was released on the 13th of November 2021. It saw the removal of the 2nd Skyblock realm but also an update to Minecraft 1.12.2. The spawn was the same one that Skyblock 3.0 had, but adapted to the new features which had been added since then. The economy got big changes, along with new 1.12 shop items and Beetroots as a farming item. Silverfish would now drop emerald blocks instead of emeralds. New features included a new "Fly" permission for islands, new statistics (Lava Fish, Generator Blocks), a revamped /help command, Emerald Wands and the ability to allow other players to store emeralds into the emerald vault. Changes were also made to the island upgrades, allowing the placement of more hoppers. In addition, the Slayer skill was updated to also give double experience to the generator and Mining skill would now also count the ores which were bought from the shop. Some quality of life changes were also made, including the ability to queue Boosters, the ability to see when a Booster was last activated and new sorting options for /is top.

Custom Enchants[]

Custom Enchants Menu Skyblock 8.0.png

Custom Enchants were added on the 18th of May 2019 with Skyblock 8.0. Players can add enchants to their armour and get effects that last as long as they keep that armour on. When buying Custom Enchants, players get 1 random book that they can drag onto the armour in their inventory. Each Custom Enchant costs 30 Tokens. The price was changed from 60 to 45 in Skyblock 9.0. After this, it was changed from 45 to 30 on the 27th of June 2020 in Skyblock 10.0. Token Luck I and II were added on the 26th of November 2019. Magnetism was added on the 22nd of December 2020 with Skyblock 11.0.

In order to get the Strength effect, the enchantment needs to be applied to all armour pieces. If the player has Strength I on one armour piece, and the others are Strength II, they still only get the Strength I effect. Decapitation gives the player a chance to get a player or mob head when they kill them (Level I has a 1/6 chance to get a player head and a 1/1000 chance to get a mob head, while Level II has a 1/3 chance to get a player head and a 1/500 chance to get a mob head).

Grinder will increase the amount of EXP that a mob drops (Level I is a 1.25 multiplier and Level II a 1.5 multiplier). The Farmer enchantment will give you a chance to get extra crops when harvesting them (4% per level and armour piece). This used to be 2% before Skyblock 9.0. The Token Luck enchantment will give the player a chance to get 1 extra token when they receive them (4% per level and armour piece). Magnetism makes the loot and EXP go directly into the player's inventory. Players can also combine two level I books in their inventory to create a level II book.

Custom Enchants
Night Vision I (Helmet only) Water Breathing I (Helmet only) Decapitation I (Sword only) Decapitation II (Sword only) Grinder I (Sword only) Grinder II (Sword only)
Strength I

(All armour)

Strength II

(All armour)

Speed I

(Boots only)

Speed II

(Boots only)

Farmer I

(All armour)

Farmer II

(All armour)

Token Luck I

(All armour)

Token Luck II

(All armour)


(Sword only)

- - -

Nether Island[]

Nether Island Overview

Nether Islands were introduced on the 4th of July 2021 when Skyblock 12.0 was released. These can be unlocked after reaching island level 100. There are vrious features which the players can use on these islands.

Main article: Nether Island


Skills were added on the 4th of July 2021 with Skyblock 12.0. There are 4 skills which the player can upgrade: Mining, Farming, Fishing and Slayer. The maximum level per skill is 250 and players get access to special abilities when they get higher levels. Each skill has its own special ability. There are also Skill Amplifiers which players can get from the Voting Villager. These last for 30 minutes and give the player double experience for the various activites of the skills. The highest level in total is 1,000 and the total level is displayed in front of the player's name. Players can also get amplifiers by upgrading them at the Gem Vendor on their Nether Island.

Mining Farming Fishing Slayer
Diamond Pickaxe.png
Iron Hoe.png
Fishing Rod.png
Gold Sword.png
Total Skill EXP 3,112,500 3,112,500 3,112,500 3,112,500
Blocks and Items

(Nether Only)
Diamond Ore
Lapis Ore
Redstone Ore
Emerald Ore
Gold Ore
Iron Ore
Coal Ore

Cocoa Beans
Sugar Cane
Nether Wart

(Nether Only)
Cooked Salmon
Cooked Fish
Raw Salmon
Raw Fish

Gold Power Phantom
Blue Power Phantom
Cave Spider
Magma Cube
Polar Bear

Zombie Pigman
Iron Golem

All Skills Total

12,450,000 Skill EXP

Diamond Pickaxe.png
Double Drops (Mining)
Diamond Pickaxe.png
Increased chance of obtaining double drops whilst mining in the Nether world generators.
Level 5 Level 10 Level 15 Level 20 Level 25 Level 35 Level 45 Level 55 Level 65 Level 75
1% Chance 2% Chance 4% Chance 6% Chance 9% Chance 12% Chance 16% Chance 20% Chance 25% Chance 30% Chance
Level 90 Level 105 Level 120 Level 135 Level 150 Level 175 Level 200 Level 225 Level 250
36% Chance 42% Chance 49% Chance 56% Chance 64% Chance 72% Chance 81% Chance 90% Chance 100% Chance
Iron Hoe.png
Fertilizer Bomb (Farming)
Iron Hoe.png
Increased chance of digging up a fertilizer bomb whilst farming with a harvest hoe.
A fertilizer bomb explodes a 5x5 area and drops the crops in that area.
Level 5 Level 10 Level 15 Level 20 Level 25 Level 35 Level 45 Level 55 Level 65 Level 75
0.02% Chance 0.04% Chance 0.08% Chance 0.12% Chance 0.18% Chance 0.24% Chance 0.32% Chance 0.40% Chance 0.50% Chance 0.60% Chance
Level 90 Level 105 Level 120 Level 135 Level 150 Level 175 Level 200 Level 225 Level 250
0.72% Chance 0.84% Chance 0.98% Chance 1.12% Chance 1.28% Chance 1.44% Chance 1.62% Chance 1.80% Chance 2% Chance
Fishing Rod.png
Catch Treasure (Fishing)
Fishing Rod.png
Increased chance of catching treasure whilst lava fishing inside the Nether world lava.
Treasures are the same that Harvest Hoes give.
Level 5 Level 10 Level 15 Level 20 Level 25 Level 35 Level 45 Level 55 Level 65 Level 75
1% Chance 2% Chance 3% Chance 5% Chance 7% Chance 9% Chance 12% Chance 15% Chance 18% Chance 22% Chance
Level 90 Level 105 Level 120 Level 135 Level 150 Level 175 Level 200 Level 225 Level 250
26% Chance 30% Chance 35% Chance 40% Chance 45% Chance 51% Chance 57% Chance 63% Chance 70% Chance
Gold Sword.png
Double Souls (Slayer)
Gold Sword.png
Increased chance of obtaining double souls and generator EXP when killing Power Phantoms in the Nether world.
Level 5 Level 10 Level 15 Level 20 Level 25 Level 35 Level 45 Level 55 Level 65 Level 75
1% Chance 2% Chance 4% Chance 6% Chance 9% Chance 12% Chance 16% Chance 20% Chance 25% Chance 30% Chance
Level 90 Level 105 Level 120 Level 135 Level 150 Level 175 Level 200 Level 225 Level 250
36% Chance 42% Chance 49% Chance 56% Chance 64% Chance 72% Chance 81% Chance 90% Chance 100% Chance

Island Upgrades[]

Island Upgrades.png

Island Upgrades are a feature that the players can use to get a better island. They were first added on the 21st of April 2018 with Skyblock 6.0. On the 23rd of November 2019 Island Upgrades were updated to require both money and Upgrade Points. Upgrade Points can be received from farming crops or manually killing mobs. 2 new island upgrades (Increased Warp Limit and Increased Chest Size) were added on the 27th of June 2020 with Skyblock 10.0 and the Increased Spawner Limit upgrade was removed.

Main article: Island Upgrades


Skyblock has 3 currencies: Money, Tokens and Robot Gems.

Gold Ingot.png
Enchanted Prismarine Shard.png
Enchanted Quartz.png
Money Tokens Robot Gems

Selling Items to /shop
Player Economy
Player Kills (Kill Reward, Bounties)
Treasure Chests
Server Events
Donator Kits
Charity Booster (And Tips)

Killing Mobs Manually
Farming Crops
Server Events
Treasure Chests

Robots on the Nether Island


Buying Items from /shop
Player Economy
Island Settings

Island Music
Island Tags
Heads (/Headshop)
Custom Enchants

Robot Skins
Robot Leather Armour Colours
Skill Amplifiers

Notes N/A Tokens can be boosted with a Booster which doubles their amount. Crops and mobs have different chances to drop tokens. Robot Gems can only be obtained while the Power Generator is active.

Donator Advantages[]

Search for a rank to see the perks that Donators get on Skyblock.

Voting Rewards[]

Previously, before the 4th of July 2021 the following rewards were given (with 4 Voting Keys):

  • $500 In-Game
  • 400 EXP (20 Levels)
  • 4 Skyblock Tokens

Treasure Chests[]

See Treasure Chests for the information.