Speedy Walls is one of the Minigames of Minecraft Central. It was released 18th May 2016. There are 6 maps. A maximum of 12 players may play in one arena at the same time, and 8 players are required to start the game. When the game was released, the required amount of players was 12, but it was quickly changed to 15. So a maximum of 24 players could play in one arena at the same time, and 15 players were required to start the game before 28th September 2017. On the 13th of March 2018 the requirement was changed to 8 players.

General infoEdit

The idea of Speedy Walls is to gather resources and get geared up before the walls drop, releasing the teams against each other. There are 4 teams: red, blue, green and yellow. Each team has their own corner on the map. The map consists of 4 corners and a small center and roads between the corners.

The difference between Speedy Walls and Walls is that in Speedy Walls ores and gravel drop as ingots and flint. The game also has a shorter timeframe, permanent night vision for players, no hunger, every block mined gives you 1 EXP and there is a /Surface command to get quickly back to the surface. Special features with Speedy Walls include a 10% apple-drop chance, chicken spawning, and 100% chance of each chicken dropping 2 feathers.

The walls drop after 5 minutes and after that, there's 15 minutes to fight against other teams. If there are 2 teams alive at the end, the game is a draw. The time before the walls drop used to be 10 minutes and the fight time 15 minutes.

Revamp of 28th September 2017Edit

In 28th September 2017 Speedy Walls was revamped, as were other Minigames before that. Logs now drop 4 wooden planks, and not a log block. The team sizes were decreased from 6 to 3 players. The centres of the maps now also have chests with armour, bows and golden apples in them. The time before walls drop was changed to 5 minutes and the required amount of players was changed to 12. Maximum of 12 players can join. Monthly leaderboards were also added. Merchants were removed.

Speedy Wall MerchantsEdit

See Merchants for more information.


There are 6 maps. These are Arctic Winters, Candyland, Battlefield, Sandy Shores, Gold Rush and Fairytale.

Donator advantagesEdit

There are no donator advantages on Speedy Walls.