TeamSkywars is one of the Minigames of Mincraft Central. It was released on the 19th of March 2015 and replaced Hide and Seek. A maximum of 12 players may join. At least 6 players were required to start the game before 13th May 2017. The requirement got changed to 12, and later on the 13th of March 2018 it got changed to 8.

General info

The game idea is the same as in Skywars but the players, up to 12 of them, are divided into 4 teams. These are the Blue, Red, Green and Yellow team. Each team can hold 3 players. Players get to choose their team in the Minigame Lobbies but can't join teams that are full. On the Lobby the players get armour matching the colour of their team and those of the players who haven't chosen a team are invisible but get auto-assigned into one. The time limit is 900 seconds. As of 21st March 2015 there is now a timer for TNT and Flint and Steel to prevent team killing. The timer is 120 seconds. Lava is banned unlike in regular Skywars.

There are 200 arenas and 31 maps.

Update of May 13th 2017

In 13th May 2017 an update was launched to Skywars and Team Skywars. This update implemented a new joining system (no more signs), a better backend system, got a new waiting lobby (uses the same as in CakeWars and barrier blocks around the map to prevent escaping. The EXP levels based on your Credits level were removed and EXP bottles added to the chests instead, but this change got quickly reverted.

Skywars Merchant

See Merchants for more info.


There are 31 maps. These are Equatorial, Luxury, Paris, Station, Tropical, Crusade, Snow Peak, Highway, Tribal Warriors, Crystal Zone, Sky Towers, Moonbase, Race Event, Skycastle, Ruins, Chinese Whisper, Undergrowth, Golfing, Farmville, Mystic Forest, Overshadow, Misty Caverns, Camp Twilight, Air Control, Petrol Pumps, Sand Storage, Mario Land, Fungi World, Pine Top, Sky Sins and Stumps.