Voting Treasures are a type of Treasure. They can be opened with Voting Keys that can be obtained only from voting for the server. Each vote grants 1 Key that can open 1 Voting Treasure. The rewards are different on each sub-server. Voting Treasures were added on the 1st of August 2015.

Current RewardsEdit

Voting Treasure Rewards 29th January 2019

Item InfoEdit

The sword types for the animation:

  • Common - Stone
  • Rare - Gold
  • Legendary - Diamond
  • Epic - Iron

Item InfoEdit

Item Description Servers
Harvest Hoe Automatically puts the crop to your inventory and replants it. Skyblock, Factions
Explosive Pickaxe Mines a 3x3 area. Skyblock
Voting Pickaxe Has Fortune 5, Unbreaking III and Efficiency 30 Prison
Sell Wand [500 Uses] Click on a chest with the Sell Wand to sell all the items inside it. Skyblock, Factions
Blast Mine Pick (Tier II) Mines a 7x7 area. Factions
Mystery Spawners You can win any type of spawner that is available on the sub-server. Factions
Chunk Buster Destroys the blocks in a chunk you place the Chunk Buster in. Factions
Random Custom Enchant Gives you one of the Custom Enchants. (Fire Resistance I, Strength I, Strength II, Speed I, Speed II, Water Breathing I or Night Vision I). Factions


  • 1st July, 2016 - Cow and Pig Spawners added on Skyblock
  • 2nd September, 2016 - Factions rewards changed
  • 9th March, 2017 - Currency rewards added, spawners added and chance of Beacon changed on Survival
  • 9th January, 2018 - Treasure Chest Revamp
  • 21st April, 2018 - Explosive Pickaxe added on Skyblock
  • 20th October, 2018 - Money and spawner rewards changed on Skyblock
  • 20th October, 2018 - 2x Diamond Block and 4x Hopper added on Skyblock
  • 20th October, 2018 - Sell Wand added on Skyblock
  • 27th December, 2018 - 4x Hoppers removed from Skyblock
  • 29th January, 2019 - Factions rewards revamped (Custom Enchant, Harvest Hoe, Blast Pickaxe, Sell Wand, Chunk Buster and EXP added and money increased. TNT removed.)

Previous RewardsEdit